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        1. Monday, 24 February 2014

          Quick Introduction

          Well hello there! My name is Christine and I wanted to give you a quick introduction about myself and tell you about some of the things you might be reading about here on my blog.

          First off, I am a mother of 2, so you will definitely be reading a lot about my children, Avery and Natalie. They are without a doubt the two most adorable girls you will ever meet and are 6 and 8 respectively. I am right now in between jobs so I should have plenty of time to blog... lol.

          What can you expect to read here? Well, I must admit that you most likely won't find anything too groundbreaking, but I hope I might be able to keep some of you entertained and maybe develop some kind of a following other than my girlfriends and sisters.  I'll most likely be blogging about a variety of topics that any Mommy blogger would be talking about.   Things like parenting, cooking, travel, fashion, deals and things of that nature.  Again, nothing too crazy or thought-provoking, just fun, good natured talk!

          So thank you for dropping by and be on the lookout for my very first REAL post in the coming days.